crow-talk negotiations


Angbac --   the old one
Angbac — the old one




April 13 2014
Found a squirrel body on the granddaughter’s play-set yesterday.. must have been there all winter. It was pretty putrid.  We took it to the “crow offering” site. A special tabernacle where I leave food for my crow friends. They are always in our trees and watching. Some have names and we speak back and forth. Most have come to love the offerings and opened up a relationship with me.  Well, so far the body is still there. It must be really beyond food, because they love dead things, love everything really.  I think I have lost credibility and respect from my crows. I’m thinking there will be revenge of some sort. Not a good sign for the start of crow-talk negotiations for spring and summer yard relationships. Just saying…(that “just saying” was for you Phyllis..I like that comment).

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