long Winter and cold Spring 2014

Winter in Maine
Maine Winter







A long winter was had in 2013-2014 up here in Maine. There was an unusual amount of snow, although it was more due to multiple storms regularly passing through, rather than big blizzards.

In Mid-Winter, we had a significant Ice Storm which deposited 3/4 inch layers of clear ice on the trees, power lines and ground surfaces. Even now, the effects are seen in many young Birch trees that remain bent over in slender arcs.

The buildup of snow, due to very little melting between storms, was also noticeable and had lasting affects. Power outages were also an issue, especially after the ice storm. Fortunately, we are on a main power grid and did not have any prolonged outages.

But once Spring came along, it was very evident that the Winter had left it’s mark. Driving along the state roads, there were many downed trees and broken branches that littered yards. We also had several evergreen bushes with broken branches due to the heavy weight of snow sliding of the rooftops and staying where they landed for most of the winter.

This all had a significant impact on transportation in and around the Mid-Coast of Maine. There were quite a few functions, meetings and gatherings that were cancelled or re-scheduled multiple times.

But, there was a positive side as well. The seasonal onslaught of blackflies has been  either abated or at least delayed. The Spring started cold and remained so until Mid-May and we have not yet experienced the usual swarms of blackflies yet. I must admit though, I found a wood tick crawling up my leg from my first venture out in the edge of the woods. So, the turkeys out there should have no shortage of food.

So now, we have the yard cleanup, extra pruning of the trees and bushes and then finally some delayed planting of vegetable gardens. The prices of vegetables will be higher this year since we are not the only ones with a memorable Winter and Spring.

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